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        Olivia Simon


        Kyle Balster


        Olivia is the one that dreamt up Liv + Remember –– and she’s one of the warmest, friendliest faces.

        A lifelong creative, Olivia fell in love with photography at age 17 and attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. While studying entrepreneurship and marketing at the University of Minnesota, she picked up photography + event jobs here and there and realized, “Hey, this might be more than a side hustle!” Lo and behold, entrepreneurship, photography, + her creativity turned out to be a perfect match, and here we are today.

        Olivia loves tacos + travel, and, as it stands now, her favorite cities are Copenhagen, Sifnos, and Marrakesh.


        Let’s say you want something, anything done. Your first stop should always be Kyle. Maybe it was his childhood spent on a hobby farm in Wisconsin, but Kyle will always figure out how to get things done.

        Now, he’s a photographer and a design-driven perfectionist, which comes in handy both in his graduate work at Sci-Arc studying Architecture and in his work with Liv + Remember. He’s the one you’ll find second-shooting with Olivia and creating amazing things!

        Here's a little tip on the three surefire ways to Kyle’s heart: dogs, gummy worms, and chocolate milk.